The trail from New Russia is rarely broken in winter, so this is not the best option once snow falls. Giant ranks as the twelfth highest peak with an elevation of 4,627 feet and Rocky Peak Ridge is the twentieth at 4,420 feet. Reply. The views are some of the nicest I’ve yet seen. One hiker coming down made clear to me that not only was the trip to RPR worth it, but that the views were better than Giant. Giant Mountain is in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Park, New York. This separation by the deep valley makes 4,627' Giant Mountain one of the most prominent peaks in New York. After this hard climb I rested some more at the junction with the Ridge Trail, and noticed a strange feeling. Giant Mountain & Rocky Peak Ridge ” Christine says: March 24, 2013 at 10:24 pm I suspect that a lot of the butt slides were from me from the day before. Side trip to Rocky Peak Ridge. Leesa wanted a hike that would be about 6 hours or so. Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth come to mind. Another approach is to climb up Giant first from the W or N and then head over on the ridgeline E to this peak. Peaks 3 and 4 - Giant Mountain and Rocky Peak Ridge near Keene, NY. We had a snack or two on top of Giant at 10:15AM! HALF WAY THERE! The ridge led to the base of Giant, and the climbing was very very steep and difficult, often straight up slides. We were dangerously low on water at this point, but found a small trickle of a stream to fill up at while on the ridge. It’s also a grueling one because the elevation gain is substantial compared to its relatively short mileage; the total elevation gain for this hike checks in at a healthy 5,300 feet. Interested hikers can continue over to Rocky Peak Ridge from a trail just below Giant's summit. The name of the mountain is due to its geology, a rocky ridge to the east of the better known Giant Mountain. There are signposts, trail markers and yellow rock markings everywhere! The mountain, only a couple hundred feet shorter than Giant, was … As this hike is a traverse, two cars are required. The next day, we ascended Giant, (12th at 4627 ft.), and then hiked over to Rocky Peak Ridge to the east, (20th at 4420 ft.). The route climbs Bald Peak, a smaller mountain, then begins the ascent of Rocky Peak Ridge. Hiker spa on Giant Mountain (2017-08-09). At 0.7 miles we came across the washbowl, a small pond where the trail skirts around shortly before heading up hill again. ADIRONDACK HP SERIES: Giant Mountain-Rocky Peak Ridge (RPR)- Bald Peak, To The New Russia, NY / Route 9 Trailhead From Route 73 via the Roaring Brook Trail (RBT) and the East Trail A few hundred feet from the summit you'll notice an intersection that leads to Rocky Peak Ridge. Giant Mountain and Rocky Peak Ridge - Giant Mtn Wilderness - 4/6/14 In picking a hike for today, Giant and Rocky Peak Ridge were the only peaks that I had in my head. mfulleringer says: Congrats on another 2 down (and 2 winter peaks!) Each hill ahead of us made us think ‘how will we make it up that monster’? They sit separated from the mass of the Adirondack High Peaks by Route 73. There is a nice open rock ridgeline going up Giant, allowing views back down the trail, towards Round, Noonmark and Bear Den mountains. The brief uphill section to the top of Rocky Peak Ridge was mercifully much more gentle, and after less than an hour from Giant, I made it to the top of Rocky Peak Ridge. It was something that started to worry my dad because we had planned to come back up and over Giant Mtn to get home after reaching the summit of Rocky Ridge. So if Noonmark Mountain, Green Mountain or Hurricane Mountain get shot in the head don't try to blame Gothics or Couchsachraga. To get to Rocky Peak you will have to backtrack 0.1 miles to an intersection where there is a marked trail to the mountain. Click here for larger-size photo. It was steep, wet, and fun. From Giant Mountain the fun really begins. Rocky Peak Ridge is the twentieth highest peak in the High Peaks Region of the Adirondack Park of New York, United States. The originally named Ridge Trail was renamed Zander Scott in 1992. Giant Mountain - East Trail via Rocky Peak Ridge East Trail in Giant Mountain Wilderness extends 6.7 miles and ascends 3,600 feet from the trailhead on Route 9 to the 4,420-foot summit of Rocky Peak Ridge and its 360- d egr vi w. Mu ch of tal snp ky